Dogs are better for your health than cats.

They're less likely to attack you, it is reported, and make you more likely to exercise.

They also, if you grow up with them, are better at reducing allergies in children, can help diabetic owners with low blood sugar, and can read human emotions well.

They do, however, cause more falls in the frail.

Meanwhile cats are most likely to carry ringworm.

Sorry cats, but dogs are clearly the superior pet.

However, any kind of pet ownership can give you a health boost.

A comprehensive review of animal impacts on humans recently found that both cats and dogs help decrease stress and improve cardiovascular wellness and other issues.

Marcia Darling told Tonic:

There isn't a definitive study about how this works, but the best theory out there is that because of owners' attachment to the pets, assuming there's a good relationship, even something like the [pet] looking at them can elevate their oxytocin levels.

Isn't that adorable?

Picture:Picture: Getty Images/iStockphoto

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