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President Donald Trump is languishing in almost every single poll, something the former reality TV star will hate.

After all, there's nothing he loves bragging about more than ratings.

However, he's in a slump in Gallup daily approval ratings:

If you compare his performance to that of Barack Obama, it's frankly woeful.

You'll notice the slight uptick in his latest daily rating. It's nothing to get optimistic about - his best net approval rating in 22 days is only 4 percentage points better than Obama’s worst ever.

However, these charts are unlikely to make him as angry as the ones following.

To be fair the graph is less about approval, but 'likes'. That's a very different thing. You're more likely to get a lot of likes with a lot of exposure - which with Trump usually transpires when he's at his most controversial.

Likewise here's his retweet and reply engagement.

Seems like someone is taking away his Twitter, or at least has found a way to make him moderate it a little.

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