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Earth has received its first ever 'alien message'

Earth has received its first ever 'alien message'
How Will Aliens Reveal Themselves To The Rest Of The World? | …

Earth has received the first ever ‘alien message’ after a simulation of what extraterrestrial contact could look like was sent out by scientists.

The SETI Institute produced the simulation of a radio wave from a Mars orbiter and gave hint of how alien contact would be received.

The exercise was conducted to prepare experts for the “profoundly transformational experience for all humankind”.

The signal was successfully decoded after taking just 16 minutes to travel through space and be picked up by telescopes on Earth.

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It all took place as part of the A Sign in Space project led by Daniela dePaulis, who said during the live-streamed event: “It was very real. This is not the first time we have received a signal from TGO [ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter], but this one is a real message.”

The signal had to be decoded, as it couldn’t be heard on Earth without being altered.


Victoria Catlett is the GBO software engineer and she explained: “A radio signal is not inherently sound, but a light wave.

“When we receive it with something like a car radio, that light wave gets translated into the up and down movement in the speaker - and that is what you hear.”

Of course, there’s no evidence that aliens exist at this point, but it’s good to know that we’re prepared.

It comes after it was revealed that aliens could be mapping out the planet via the signals mobiles are emitting.

It’s all to do with the radio transmission towers which are key to millions of people communicating around the world.

These towers are constantly pumping out microwave signals as we call and message one another, and they’re found across a huge area of the Earth’s surface.

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