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Elon Musk has already given a nickname to the pending scandal that might happen


Considering how frequently he hits headlines, it doesn’t seem beyond the realms of possibility that Elon Musk could find himself at the centre of some sort of scandal.

And, if he ever is, we’ve been instructed to describe it as “Elongate”.

The polite request came from the Tesla chief himself. In nod to the 1970s political scandal involving Nixon administration that was dubbed Watergate, He wrote on Twitter:

The billionaire South African is active on Twitter and most recently shared the news that Tesla will now be accepting bitcoin as payment.

Musk, whose Twitter bio now reflects his newest job description as “Technoking of Tesla”, also recently shared his thoughts on his distrust of UFOs – a tweet that is quite on brand for the SpaceX pioneer.

Of course, people took his tweet as a chance to suggest some of the ways in which “Elongate” might occur – or possibly already has done...

Watch this space.

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