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Here's why energy drinks could be the secret to a longer life

Here's why energy drinks could be the secret to a longer life

Are Energy Drinks Good for Anything Other than Energy?

Energy drinks could be the secret to a long life - here's why.

The drinks contain a substance called taurine, a naturally occurring amino acid that scientists have been testing on mice and worms and working out that it is increasing their life spans.

The study saw some mice at around middle-age given taurine, whereas others weren’t.

Mice of both sexes saw increased life span by around 10 to 12 per cent, whereas life expectancy at 28 months was 18 to 25 per cent higher.

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They also had healthier bone, muscle, immune system, fat, pancreas, brain, and gut functioning.

In the journal Science, the team wrote: "Taurine abundance decreases during aging.

"A reversal of this decline through taurine supplementation increases health span and life span in mice and worms and health span in monkeys.

“This identifies taurine deficiency as a driver of aging in these species."

They added: "Given that taurine has no known toxic effects in humans (though rarely used in concentrations used here), can be administered orally, and affects all the major hallmarks of aging, human trials are warranted to examine whether taurine supplementation increases healthy life span in humans."

However, scientists aren’t advising anyone to change their taurine intake, as research is still in its early days, and energy drinks have other ingredients that may not be as positive.

Prof Henning Wackerhage, from the University of Munich, said: "What we really need now is a human intervention study.

“We are raring to go."

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