Environmentalist tells people to stop buying conservatories despite sitting in one
Good Morning Britain

An environmentalist who appeared on Good Morning Britain to encourage viewers to stop building conservatories is being mocked online over the location she gave this message from - yep, you guessed it, was her own conservatory.

Angela Terry was on the programme to share how the building conservatories can impact global warming and told presenters Susanna Reid and Ben Shepherd that the planet is getting "hotter and hotter and hotter."

She noted how temperatures in the UK soared to 39°C in 2019 and how by 2050 every other summer will reach those temperature heights with "unbearable heat becoming regular."

Terry then turned her attention to how conservatories act like a "furnace" and so will make this situation worse, "They build up heat all throughout the day so it just makes staying cool in your home much, much harder."

"If a developer is building a house today and putting a conservatory up, you'd assume that house will be around in 30 years' time. So it's about having a no regret policy," she explained.

"So, once they're up we know people don't want to take them down which is fine."

The environmentalist then addressed the elephant in the room (or conservatory) and mentioned her own backdrop said: "Obviously I'm in my conservatory here... when we bought the house it was here."

After referencing her own conservatory, Reid then interrupted to quiz Terry further on this point: "OK, so hang on - you're saying you're alright in your conservatory. Your conservatory is still going to stand but no one else is allowed to have one from now on."

"So this house came with a conservatory on it," Terry replied. "What the new legislation is saying is not to build new ones because we know the world is getting warmer and warmer."So what you're doing is you're building infrastructure, and we're doing it all around the UK, that isn't fit for purpose for when we have hotter and hotter weather."

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She continued: "When we have this hot weather, the tarmac melts and all that other stuff and people get very ill, they get heat stress and particularly if they're pregnant or old, they end up in hospital because they can't regulate their body temperatures."

Viewers took to Twitter to note the double-standard at the fact Terry is able to keep her conservatory but she said no one else can build their own.

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