How did we get to this point? Somehow talks about the way women are portrayed in video games are being derailed by terrorist threats.

Anita Sarkeesian, who created the Feminist Frequency video blog and the Tropes vs. Women series, cancelled a planned speech at Utah State University today after its centre for women and gender director received an email threatening a mass shooting. It is understood that other threats were received as well.

Writing on Twitter, Ms Sarkeesian said she was forced to call off the talk after being informed the university was powerless to prevent people carrying firearms attending, due to the state's open-carry laws.

This is despite the email threat to the university warning if Ms Sarkeesian and other speakers went ahead with their talk a repeat of the 1989 Montreal Massacre, where 14 people were killed at a polytechnic by Marc L├ępine who claimed his life had been ruined by feminists, would take place.

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