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Bitcoin millionaire mocked for creating the Freedom Phone – the world’s first ‘uncensorable phone’

Until now, you’ve probably never heard of the world’s youngest Bitcoin billionaire Erik Finman, but he wants to change the way that you use your phone with his new creation, called The Freedom Phone.

In a video launched on social media on Wednesday, Finman introduces the world to his Freedom Phone which he claims is the world’s first “uncensorable phone”. It’s being marketed to US conservatives who feel their voice is being marginalised by big tech firms.

According to the phone’s official website, it will retail for $499.99 (£361.44) (ironically via big tech methods such as Google Pay, PayPal, or credit/debit card) and will come preloaded with numerous apps popular amongst conservatives like Parler, Rumble and Newsmax. The phone’s unique app store will also continue to host apps that have been deleted or banned elsewhere and even has its own FreedomOS operating system.

This might look like a parody but it would appear to be 100 per cent real. Outspoken conservative and Trump supporter Candace Owens, amongst other conservatives, has already given the Freedom Phone her backing by offering her followers a 10 per cent discount.

As we said, this would appear to be legit but the launch video had people convinced that it is some sort of elaborate comedy sketch.

US conservatives have become increasingly sceptical and critical of big tech and social media firms since former president Donald Trump was banned for virtually every platform online following the violent scenes at the US Capitol building on 6th January which shocked the world.

The item will reportedly be shipped from August.

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