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Gen Z are ageing more quickly than millennials, says expert

Gen Z are ageing more quickly than millennials, says expert
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Gen Z might like reminding millennials how old they are and mocking them for keeping up with the latest trends, but according to experts they’re the ones who are ageing quicker than other generations.

Cosmetic procedures are more popular among younger people and the use of fillers, along with vaping habits, is to blame for people allegedly looking older at a younger age.

Dr. Ross Perry is the medical director of Cosmedics Skin Clinics. According to him, injectables at a young age can have a real impact on facial features developing in people under the age of 26.

“It is not uncommon to see 18-year-olds with lip filler,” Dr Perry told the Daily Mail.


He went on to say: “20-year-olds are [getting] Botox and fillers, semi-permanent makeup in the form of eyebrows and lips.”

These “combined can make you appear older… [and] actually once you start down this route, it’s very hard to go back to being entirely natural, especially when the ‘affirmations’ start on social media.”

Another expert also said that it’s the exposure to social media and the internet since a young age which has contributed to people’s cosmetic habits.

London cosmetic doctor Dr. Sophie Shotter also told the publication: “Having these treatments before they’re truly needed can sometimes make someone appear older, with an almost mask-like appearance.”

It comes after Gen Z women were urged to be careful amid a TikTok spending splurge.

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