Gen Z are trying to predict how Gen Alpha will mock them

Gen Z are trying to predict how Gen Alpha will mock them
Now Gen Z and Gen Alpha are beefing
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As each generation grows up, it's only natural for them to make fun of their predecessors but Gen Z are already predicting the ways in which they are going to get ripped into by Gen Alpha.

TikToker Tyler (@tyler.benderr) has imagined how this future scenario will go down and the different quotes and actions Gen Z will no doubt get rinsed for.

"We're next on the chopping block gang," she jokingly warned in the caption.

Some of the examples in her skit include overusing the term "slay," referring to friends as "bestie" and "queen," praising Doja Cat as being "so mother" as well as anything you do (such as a mundane hair wash) being called an "era," and complaining about missing out on things due to the COVID pandemic.

In two follow-up TikToks, such as calling everyone "girlypop," beginning sentences with "because," vaping, and referring to everything as being a type of "core," or "the moment."


Were next on the chopping block gang #genalpha #genz #genzhumor #genalphahumor #millenialcringe

The original video has since gone viral, receiving 2.3m views, and 305,000 likes, while Gen Z shared their worry about getting made fun of, while Millennials are looking forward to catching a break.

One person said: "I’m not ready we’re gonna be made fun of so bad."

"I'm scared of the amount of material they will have," another person admitted.

A third person added: "It’s the (thing) for me, mother is mothering, and eraaa gen alpha pls be kind HAHAHAHA."

"The “it’s….for me” is gonna be the new 'I did a thing,'" a fourth person commented.

Someone else added: "As a millennial I can’t wait to see some heat off us. I need a breather."

"They’re gonna bring up our 2020 phases and I am not prepared for that," a commenter noted.

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