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These are Google's most searched 'how to' questions

These are Google's most searched 'how to' questions

Long before the internet, learning how to to do things was a skill sustained in school or from the wisdom of your parents.

Now that everyone is connected to the world wide web on a 24/7 basis we no longer need to communicate with other humans.

This includes consulting the net for the simplest of questions.

However, it seems that Googlenow has the answers to everything and the search engine recently shared a list of the most frequently asked 'how to' questions on the service.

Since 2004 'how to...' based searches have increased by more than 140 per cent and usually involve people asking how to fix household items like washing machines, toilets and light bulbs.

This seems fairly logical, especially if someone doesn't want to fork out for a repairman to come round.

Yet the broader searches from around the world perfectly demonstrate the human race's blissful and beautiful naivety.

This is top ten according to Google:

1. How to tie a tie

2. How to kiss

3. How to get pregnant

4. How to lose weight

5. How to draw

6. How to make money

7. How to make pancakes

8. How to write a cover letter

9. How to make French toast

10. How to lose belly fat

Some of these could have easily been answered if we'd all listened during GCSE biology and art classes.

Yet things like 'how to kiss' are just too sweet to be cynical about.

Also, if anyone has the answer to 'how to make money', please send it my way.

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