Here's how much money you could earn at Facebook

Residing in the heart of Silicon Valley, a role at Facebook would be the dream job for many in the tech sector.

And figures released by jobs portal Glassdoor - where employees can submit information anonymously - and picked up by Business Insider show that the company's employees are very well remunerated for their expertise.

Mark Zuckerberg, the company's founder, earns just $1 per year although he obviously has a lot of equity in the business.

Here are the top 15 jobs at Facebook, according to combined basic income and bonuses:

1. Engineering Manager: $380,861 (£252k)

2. Software Engineer V: $259,349 (£171k)

3. Senior Software Engineer: $211,647 (£140k)

4. Software Engineer IV: $209,988 (£139k)

5. Product Manager: $194,907 (£129k)

6. Data Scientist: $185,743 (£123k)

7. Software Engineer: $183,397 (£121k)

8. Technical Program Manager: $175,589 (£116k)

9. Research Scientist: $172,705 (£114k)

10. Software Engineer III: $171,076 (£113k)

11. Network Engineer: $160,172 (£106k)

12. Data Engineer: $146,949 (£97k)

13. User Interface Engineer: $146,708 (£97k)

14. Production Engineer: $132,534 (£87k)

15. Product Analyst: $118,864 (£78k)

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