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Hogwarts Legacy is the latest culture war flashpoint

Hogwarts Legacy is the latest culture war flashpoint
Trans Artist Rebinds Harry Potter Books Removing J.K. Rowling’s Name From Them

The world of Harry Potter has faced intense debate and controversy in the last few years because of author JK Rowling’s stance on transgender rights.

Much of the community has rejected Rowling's prequels and her involvement in modern Harry Potter projects to stand in solidarity with the transgender community.

Now, a new Harry Potter video game is being subjected to the same rejection, with one activist saying those buying the game are "aligning themselves" with "really heinous transphobic values."

Hogwarts Legacy is a new live-action video game based on the Harry Potter world where users can attend and make their way through Hogwarts as a character in the game.

However excited people may have been for the game, some are calling for people to protest it due to Rowling’s involvement.

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On Twitter, user Will Overgard posted a video, asking people to not support the game.

“Please do not support the upcoming Hogwarts legacy game,” Overgard said.

“I’m asking you very sincerely please do not stream it. Don’t make YouTube videos about it, don’t buy it, and don’t bloody pre-order it.”

“You are essentially aligning yourself with some really heinous transphobic values."

Some people echoed Overgard's request and added that the game has "antisemitic imagery" due to the portrayal of goblins - which some believe share racist stereotypes to Jewish people.



But others, feel that people may be overstepping by asking others not to purchase the game.

A debate about separating the art from the artist arose on social media over the game.

"If you're buying Hogwarts Legacy, I understand that you are capable of separating the art from the artist (even an uninvolved one) and just because you're excited about a game you do not align yourself with the views of JKR," a Twitter user wrote.

"Don't let anyone guilt you into thinking otherwise," they added.


Back in December, Rowling mocked a transgender gamer, Jessie Earl, who expressed opposition to Hogwarts Legacy on Twitter.

Earl said they would "not begrudge" anyone who previously owned Harry Potter merchandise but said supporting Hogwarts Legacy was harmful due to Rowling's viewpoints.

Rowling responded snarkily.

The game is set to be released in early February.

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