Picture: Folagor03/Getty
Picture: Folagor03/Getty

A genius has found a way to cheat Pokémon Go into thinking you're moving around, all from the comfort of your sofa.

Pokémon Go has (accidentally) been encouraging people to go outside and interact with one another.

Some have hailed this as a great way for technology and an active lifestyle to act in concert.

This wasn't going to last very long. Technology has once again enslaved us by playing on our laziness, as shown by Twitter user 'Thief'.

Fans of Parks and Recreation will recognise DJ Roomba, here assisting with Pokémon Go instead of blasting out beats.

If you don't have a DJ Roomba, here are some other items you could use to fox Pokémon Go into thinking you're being active.

  • Your cat
  • Someone else's cat
  • Drone
  • Ferris wheel
  • Robotic back flip dog

Picture: My Flipping Dog/B&Mstores.co.uk

The last one possibly more fun than Pokémon Go. Try thinking of your own way to avoid even the smallest amount of outside. You're good at that. Don't be modest.

Remember, it needs be something from which you can retrieve your phone once it finds the Pokemon. Otherwise you just don't have a phone anymore. And wouldn't that be a tragedy.

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