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This trick will give you a full iPhone battery in 5 minutes

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If there's one thing the overprivileged Western world is screaming out for, it's a better battery life on our phones.

I mean, we're screaming for a lot of things, but this is priority numero uno.

Anyway, given that the battery of your iPhone runs out at roughly 1.34pm every day, here's some tips for cutting your charging time (other than getting a better phone):

  • Use a wall charger. It's more efficient. The iPad wall charger is the fastest charging of the apple range.
  • Turn on airplane mode. This actually helps speed up the charging process.
  • Don't turn the screen on or check it while charging - that uses battery.

Business Insider got the iPhone to 100 per cent using this method, compared to the control method's five per cent, in five minutes.

If you need more help preserving your battery life, you can read a brief guide here.


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