People have downloaded the new iOS and realised something truly terrifying

Apple's latest operating system for iPhone and iPad is out and it's getting something of a mixed response.

Many users are pleased as punch with the new customisable control centre - where you can position your most frequently used settings - and the new notifications tab.

The augmented reality additions and the fact live photos take up a lot less space have also generated a positive response from users and critics alike.

But there's one feature that's causing fear and trepidation with some - the ability to capture and record the iPhone screen's output.

With a couple of button pushes you can now hit record and capture whatever pops up on your screen - whether it's a Snapchat conversation, an Instagram story or a FaceTime or Whatsapp video call.

What's even more worrying is, the person sending that Snapchat or video call won't even know they're being recorded.

Yes, that's right - nothing is safe - nothing is sacred.

The drama of the realisation was perhaps best summarised by writer Phillip Henry who tweeted out this:

It's true, not even FaceTime, the iPhone to iPhone live video chat, is safe.

I tested out a FaceTime video call with another iOS11 user today [Wednesday] and found that they weren't alerted to being filmed at all.

After starting the screen capture I proceeded to make my FaceTime call, and tried to take additional screengrabs of the conversation, all without the person on the other end of the line knowing.

When we finished, the entire video of our interaction was saved directly to my photos.

If you're someone who regularly sends risqué Snapchats or likes to FaceTime inappropriate things... It might be time to re-evaluate your options.

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