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Ladies! Here's how to get donations for your charity fundraising

A new and rather fantastic study has found men donate competitively to online fundraising pages.

The research, published in Current Biology, found both genders give £10 more after seeing large donations but when these are made by men to attractive women, subsequent donations increase by an average of £28. Women do not donate competitively to attractive men.

To establish this the study reviewed 2,561 fundraising pages from the 2014 London marathon and closely looked at 668 eligible ones. Four independent reviewers rated how attractive they found the fundraisers on a scale of 0-10. The study defined a large donation as at least £50 and double the mean donation on the page.

Co-author Professor Sarah Smith of the University of Bristol said the research had "practical" implications: "To London marathon fundraisers, I would say get your generous friends to donate early and make sure you put a good picture up, preferably one in which you are smiling."

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