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The London Underground will soon have 4G but not everyone is impressed

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It has been announced that plans are in place to guarantee a 4G phone signal on every London underground tube line by the mid-2020s.

The news was announced on Friday by London mayor Sadiq Khan, who said in a tweet that he wants all citizens of London to enjoy the 'best digital connectivity across our transport network.'

Those who use the Jubilee Line will be the first to experience the 4G benefit with it being unrolled in March 2020, where it will be available in tunnels, ticket halls, platform and corridors.

Although having access to 4G is a privilege that many of us take for granted, those brief moments that London commuters spend travelling from station to station can often be an odd luxury, a brief respite if you will, and judging by the reactions online, people aren't too happy about having this taken away from them.

Especially when that money could be spent on making other improvements to the transport.

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