A man got his penis trapped in London Underground tube gates and the video is going viral

Facebook/Mark Graves

If you are a regular commuter on any major underground train system you've probably seen a couple of people attempt to jump the gates to avoid a fare.

One unfortunate soul has learned the hard way that the electronic gates are unforgiving.

A video shared on Facebook by Mark Graves (complete with a fantastic introduction) shows a young man caught in a very uncompromising position as his right leg and genitalia have managed to get trapped at the top of one of the gates.

Warning: This video might be distressing for some and contains strong language.

The video has now been viewed over 300,000 times on Facebook and well... you can imagine what the comments are like.

It has not been revealed how long the man had been trapped in the gates prior to the start of the video but given the number of people trying to help it's possible that it could have been for at least a few minutes.

Luckily for him, fellow commuters, police and Transport for London (TFL) staff eventually freed him but he was noticeably shaken and still in some pain.

indy100 have contacted TFL for more information.

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