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Man's drunken mistake involving a water glass and his anus leads to excruciating hospital visit

Man's drunken mistake involving a water glass and his anus leads to excruciating hospital visit
Man inserts skipping rope through his penis!

A man spent three days with a water glass up his… you get the picture, after a catastrophic attempt to pleasure himself.

The 47-year-old from Nepal initially told doctors that the whole thing had been an accident, but he eventually admitted that he’d inserted the vessel up his backside for “self-gratification purposes” while drunk.

Eventually, he was forced to take himself to a hospital emergency department where he explained that he’d tried to move the glass himself but, unsurprisingly, hadn’t had any luck.

Doctors noted that he hadn’t been able to do a number two for two days and, although there was no bleeding, he was in a lot of pain.

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According to the Journal of Nepal Medical Centre, which published the case, the patient was taken for an X-ray which revealed the household object wedged deep into his rectum.

Medical staff attempted “manual removal” of the glass via the “anal opening”, but they couldn’t grasp hold of it and were conscious of the risk of breakage.

An X-ray revealed the object wedged firmly up the man's rectumJournal of Nepal Medical Centre

As a result, they were forced to surgically open up his abdomen and attempt to remove the glass by “milking” it out of the lower intestine back through the anus.

“This was unsuccessful as the glass was high up, inverted and tightly wedged,” the journal notes.

Finally, they cut directly into the intestine and successfully pulled it out that way.

(We’ll spare you the pictures of the process and end result but, suffice it to say, they’re not for the faint-hearted.)

The unfortunate patient, who had no history of psychiatric illnesses, was kept in hospital for a week after his operation.

Two months after the surgery he appeared to have made a full recovery.

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