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Footage captures image of an 'odd figure' on the surface of the Moon

Footage captures image of an 'odd figure' on the surface of the Moon

Footage has claimed to show an odd figure knocking about on the surface of the Moon.

In a video first shared in 2014, which has now accrued almost 7 million views, one YouTube user claimed there was a shadow caused by an "odd figure" on the surface,

The video was made using Google Moon, a collection of millions of NASA images made public.

Odd figure on the Moon?

The "figure" looks like a shadow created by any number of geological formations on the moon's surface.

It certainly looks like a person, but the reason why people are seeing a figure is because of pareidolia, our tendency to see faces or other recognisable shapes in random formations.

We have this trait as evolution has made us conscious of potential threats from dangerous animals.

Either this, or the power of suggestion really is that powerful.

So it probably isn't an alien, or some space tourist that has got up there without us knowing. But still, it is pretty freaky.

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