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Conspiracy theorists have a lot of thoughts about what the 'doorway' on Mars could be

Conspiracy theorists have a lot of thoughts about what the 'doorway' on Mars could be
Nasa prepare Curiosity landing

As NASA’s rover explores more of the surface of Mars, new images appear to show what's been dubbed “the Mars doorway” and conspiracy theorists are going wild.

The space agency recently released new images captured by its Curiosity rover, which is currently exploring the red planet.

In the image snapped on 7th May by the rover’s mast camera, there appears to be a rectangular doorway-like shape in the side a rock face.

Conspiracy theorists have immediately put it down to extraterrestrial life, claiming that such sharp and clean angles can’t possibly be formed naturally.

Sharing the image on Twitter, someone claimed: “Perfect angles like this dont exist in nature, almost always created by a living entity.

“But they would never tell society anything they found…”

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Another person claimed: “The Curiosity rover cruisin Mars recently snapped this pic of a cracked rock shaped like a doorway.

“Scientists are saying this naturally formed but it’s almost to perfect if ya ask me. But what do I know.”

Another person joked: “I think I know what is behind this new 'doorway' that the Curiosity Mars rover has just photographed on Mars…”

While the image may have caused a stir among some of the public, experts have reassured people that is it a natural phenomenon.

Professor Sanjeev Gupta from Imperial College told The Telegraph it was formed through “normal geological processes”.

“The crack is a fracture and they are abundant on Mars and Earth - no need for marsquakes to produce them,” Gupta said, adding that the ‘doorway’ crack could have formed at any point over the last 300 million years.

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