In the early hours of Thursday morning, the internet service for the phone network O2 went down rendering every device that uses their service useless.

Other networks that shared O2's service include GiffGaff and Tesco Mobile have also encountered problems, leaving approximately 31 million people without remote Internet access.

This has left people lost and confused as to what they can do with their phones, other than, you know, phone people.

O2 have said that they are working on the issue but it's not clear when normal service will be restored.

Given humanities new found perpetual need to rely on Twitter, Instagram stories, podcasts and Candy Crush to entertain themselves, this outrage has created something reaching an epidemic.

#o2down then started trending on Twitter and the jokes were very amusing.

People were faced with the daunting prospect of having to actually talk to someone.

What are we supposed to do with all our apps now?

You could always read a book?

Many people have suggested that O2 try the old 'have you turned it off and on again?' trick.

The polar bears at Yorkshire Wildlife Park appear to no something that we don't.

It's so bad that even the O2 Twitter account can't handle it and even Vodafone started trolling them.

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