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This Twitter account documents all the madness you’re missing on Parler

This Twitter account documents all the madness you’re missing on Parler

Parler might not be a social media app that everyone is familiar with but it has quickly become a popular alternative for those who have been banned from Twitter, mostly members of the American right-wing.

The app which prides itself on free speech has recently been suspended by Google with Apple threatening to follow suit after it failed to stop the spread of incitements of violence following the riots seen in Washington DC on Wednesday by Trump supporters. 

NBC News reports that users on the app have been vowing to return to Washington for Joe Biden’s inauguration on 20th January to create more chaos and violence.

Parler was launched in 2018 but has quickly become a haven for outspoken Trump supporters who have either been banned on more popular social media apps or completely margninalised.  There are said to be around 4 million active users on the app which has been used to spread conspiracy theories and bigotry and reportedly saw a surge in registration after the US election. Left-leaning users have also reported that they have been banned for expressing different opinions. 

Needless to say its not an app for everyone but if you are interested there is a Twitter account for you. @Parlertakes has been documented some of the more notable figures on the app and there is some pretty alarming stuff on there to say the least.

For a starter here is a character called ‘Sgt BBQ’ who believes that when Biden gets into the White House there are ‘no laws.’

Right wing blogger, David Vance, who was banned from Twitter in 2020 is on the app ranting about the ‘deep state.’

Pro-Trump author and filmmaker has been decrying the controversial phone call that the president made to Georgia officials earlier this week claiming that it definitely wasn’t what it appeared to be.

There would appear to be a parody Joe Biden account on there too.

Gavin McInness, the founder of the the far-right group the Proud Boys, is complaining about being autocorrected for swearing.

Elected congressman Ronny Jackson is also on Parler, criticising Nancy Pelosi for risking everyone’s health during the pandemic.

Notorious conspiracy theorist Alex Jones is also on the app and his takes are about as normal as usual.

Veteran conservative commentator Glenn Beck has been accusing the Democrats of abandoning the constitution.

Attorney Lin Wood is very active on the app and is calling on Americans to unite against a common foe, that being the ‘Communist China.’

Former Senator Kelly Loeffler is also on there claiming that she was going to object to electoral college certification of Joe Biden. Spoiler: she did not.

British far-right activist Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, also known as Tommy Robinson is also on Parler, sharing important information about Mr Bean.

Alt-right member Milo Yiannopoulos, who has been banned from pretty much every social media website going, was giving advice to those descending on Washington DC prior to Wednesday’s violent scenes.

Eric Trump, the most high-profile member of the first family is on Parler and appears to be having as much trouble as he does with other forms of social media.

Rudy Giuliani’s words about Wednesday’s march aged very badly.

Sidney Powell, a conspiracy theorist who Trump employed to investigate his election fraud claim, posted this outburst after being banned from Twitter.

Worryingly, a figure called E, which is apparently the new Q character at the centre of the QAnon conspiracy theory, is on Parler but already appears to be growing weary of it thanks to technical issues.

That’s just a small sample of what is going on in the Parler app at the moment. Whether it will continue to be as prominent platform for the right remains to be seen but with Trump being banned from Twitter and tech firms circling on its failure to control its members, it could end up being its last destination or just another echo chamber.

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