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A surprising thing happens to your penis when you die, autopsy expert explains

A surprising thing happens to your penis when you die, autopsy expert explains

An autopsy expert has spoken about what happens to the male anatomy after you die, after answering a curious Reddit user’s question.

A forensic technician and autopsy assistant was asked what actually happens to the penis after death, and was only too happy to let internet users know.

We’re guessing that if you’re still reading then you’re morbidly curious about this sort of thing, but just to warn you, it’s not pleasant...

The question posed on Reddit was: "What happens to d**ks when the body decomposes? Do you ever chat with your coworkers about the body's d**ks?"

The expert replied: "They bloat pretty intensely, turn green, and get maggoty just like the rest of the body.”

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

They then went on to explain that penises of deceased patients have to be discussed sometimes for medical reasons – and they have to be inspected for 'genital warts, trauma, tattoos and silicone implants' in order to file them properly on the body exam.

The expert added: "We have to remove jewellery if they have genital piercings, and if there is a catheter, we have to remove that as well.”

Meanwhile, an interactive map recently appeared online which pinpoints the size of penises across the globe.

On the website, the interactive map reveals average erect penis sizes in up to 90 countries around the world - so you can see where your country sits in the list.

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