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This phone case designed to look and feel like human skin is freaking everyone out

This phone case designed to look and feel like human skin is freaking everyone out

A new phone case made of artificial human skin is designed to make technology feel like, well human skin.

Stop the world, we’re getting off.

Marc Teyssier and his colleagues at Telecom Paris have created artificial skin to make smartphones and smartwatches to “allow natural interaction and input.”

The name? Skin-on interface.

“Skin-On Interfaces are devices that augment existing devices with realistic skin,” the official website reads.

Human skin is the best interface for interaction. I propose this new paradigm in which interactive devices have their own artificial skin, thus enabling new forms of input gestures for end-users.

Skin-On Interfaces are sensitive skin-like input methods than can be added to existing devices to increase their capabilities.

When we interact with others, we use skin as interfaces. However the objects of mediated communication - such as the smartphone - still has a cold interface that doesn't allow natural interaction and input.

In this project, I wanted to make available the perfect human interface that is the skin for existing devices.

The prototype is responsive to touch, including a variety of gestures. It even responds to emotion – a hard pressure is associated with anger, a gentle and sustained stroking is linked with providing comfort. Tickling the skin will produce a laugh emoji, you get the idea.

The overwhelming question coming from people online is: Why?

People online are recoiling in horror at the Silence of the Lambs-style phone skin suit


"Serial killer starter pack?"

Who asked for this?

Others wondered if it comes in other colours

And if ti will need to be moisturised regularly

Make it make sense

Teyssier told New Scientist that he designed this cover because he “wanted to pitch my phone.”


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