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Politicians really understand the internet and new technologies

Politicians really understand the internet and new technologies

This is James Clyburn, a congressman for South Carolina and the third-ranking Democrat in the House of Representatives.

Here he is with Barack Obama and other Congressional leaders.

And here he is betraying a complete lack of understanding about technology.

Use the tools that we have. We can text, what do we call it, sexting? Let's do some voting organising over the internet. We've got the tools, let's use them for a new massive movement.

The C-Span footage of Mr Clyburn, who was talking about mobilising voters in Ferguson, Missouri, was taken at the start of the month but was highlighted by the Daily Caller this weekend.

To be fair to the congressman, his message is entirely positive, about how people in the St Louis suburb, the scene of the worst race-related unrest in the US since the Los Angeles riots, can engender positive change.

He also clearly has no idea what sexting is, but at least his slight verbal slip-up means that message about voting has been seen by a wider audience.

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