Another reason not to procrastinate

A new study has find that people who admit to procrastination are more likely to have heart disease.

The research, published in the Journal of Behavioural Medicine gave questionnaires to a group of people with heart problems and a group of healthy people. It found that those with cardio vascular disease were more likely to admit to procrastinating behaviours and agree with statements such as “I am continually saying I’ll do it tomorrow”.

The study does not explain the link between procrastination and cardiovascular disease but Timothy Pychyl, a Canadian professor and the author of a study titled ‘I’ll Look After My Health, Later’, has previously suggested it is because they put off treatment for illnesses.

“Procrastination, a personality trait marked by delay in the initiation and/or completion of tasks, may lead to greater perceived stress, as well as the delay or omission of important health behaviours. Consequently, procrastinators may experience poor health as a result of each of these influences,” Professor Pychyl said in the research.

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