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University professor claims that 'aliens 100 per cent live among us'

University professor claims that 'aliens 100 per cent live among us'
Alien Civilizations Could Contact Earth by 2029, Study Suggests

A university professor who worked on US government programmes relating to UFOs has said he believes that "aliens are 100 per cent living among us".

Dr Garry Nolan of Stanford University School of Medicine spoke about “advanced forms of intelligence” during a recent conference called The Pentagon, Extraterrestrial Intelligence and Crashed UFOs.

He said: "I think it's an advanced form of intelligence that using some kind of intermediaries. It's not that they walk among us wearing a skin suit. You're going to put something there that I think of as an intelligence test."

Nolan went on to say: "They're showing up and saying who amongst you are intelligent enough to realize what it is you're looking at. 'Can you see what's in front of you for what it really is? Can you see the anomalous data point?"

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He then spoke his own experiences of people reverse engineering ‘downed crafts', while adding that he believes aliens will not come to Earth to harm humans.

"100%" Aliens Have Already Arrived -Dr. Garry Nolan | SALT iConnections New

"A tiny piece of knowledge from that could revolutionize what we're doing,” Nolan stated.

"I'm not worried about them coming and raiding us or taking our women and children. That's not my concern. My concern is how do we use it,” he went on to say.

Meanwhile, it was recently claimed that Logan Paul could be the most important figure in the UFO-hunting community.

Documentary filmmaker James Fox has spoken about a piece of footage that was rumoured to have been uncovered by UFO specialist Chuck Clark around 30 years ago.

The footage is thought to have been recorded by two men in the Nevada desert and has been the focus of much speculation in the community of UFO hunters. While the clip has never been widely shared and has become the stuff of urban legend, Fox has revealed that Paul could be the key to the video being shared with the public in the future.

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