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These two satellite views of the UK 12 months apart shows how devastating the heatwave was

These two satellite views of the UK 12 months apart shows how devastating the heatwave was
UK heatwave: Dartford wildfire reaches motorway as temperatures hit record high
Liam Edwards

Two satellite images of the UK taken 12 months apart have been posted on social media, and they suggest just how devastating the heatwave has been across the country.

The nation is still recovering after a heatwave brought the highest temperatures on record earlier this week, and its impact was felt by millions.

Britain battled searing 40C heat on Monday and Tuesday, with around 41 properties destroyed around London.

Tuesday’s heatwave saw the busiest day for London’s Fire Brigade (LFB) since the Second World War, according to Sadiq Khan. Firefighters took an estimated 2,600 emergency calls and responded to over 1,000 fire calls as the impact of the extreme weather took hold.

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The footage of fires across the country made for distressing viewing. Now, a more long-range view of the weather has been revealed which is just as concerning.

Meteorologist and BBC Weather presenter Dan Holley posted two side by side images of the UK on Twitter.

The picture on the left shows the UK as being largely green in colour, while the picture on the right shows the country with a more yellow and arid tint to it.

Holley went on to say that while the picture on the right suggests that the sun has dried out the country a great deal, there are several factors at play.

“I suspect that may be partly to do with the time of day each image is taken (satellite passes may not be the same time of day, and hence sun may be at a different position etc),” he said.

It's all part of the reaction to the concerning weather developments over recent days. It comes after the aftermath of wildfires in Dagenham were likened to scenes from a post-apocalyptic movie, with burnt-out cars and blackened buildings all around.

More than 130 people had to be evacuated with 14 homes and 25 cars completely destroyed - and many more damaged.

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