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Science fiction inventions that have become reality

Researchers in the US believe 3D holograms similar to those seen in Star Trek are about to "go large" after developing a new, cheaper technology to diffract light waves.

They would not be the only piece of technology from science-fiction to become a reality:

Minority Report: Air touch technology

This headset creates a touch-screen display without the need for a physical screen. It looks a lot like the technology used in Minority Report - just don’t bank on looking as smooth as Tom Cruise when you use it.

The War of the Worlds: Ray gun

In 1898, HG Wells created the Heat-Ray gun to be used my Martians in his novel The War of the Worlds. In the 21st century, the US army fulfilled this prophecy by creating the Active Denial System – a non-lethal microwave gun which penetrates the outer layer of the skin and is primarily used to disperse crowds.

Iron Man: ExoSkeleton suit

Just like Tony Stark, military personnel have been testing exoskeleton suits that allow the user to run faster and carry heavy weights with ease.

Spiderman: Spider-sense

University of Illinois PhD student Victor Mateevitsi has created a suit that can sense impending danger. Tiny ultrasonic sensors detect when something is coming towards the body and small robotic arms can then move to block it.

Harry Potter: Invisibility cloak

Scientists at the University of Rochester have developed a new lens which will allow objects to become ‘invisible’.

The device is made by four ordinary lenses and can make objects look like they are invisible when viewed in a number of different angles.

Back to the Future 2: Hoverboards

Using four disc-shaped magnetic engines which push against each other, Hendo has been able to create a hoverboard that mimics the one used by Marty McFly in Back to the Future 2. Launching their design on Kickstarter, the design team raised over $500k.

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