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Shark expert reveals the one thing you should never do if attacked by one

Shark expert reveals the one thing you should never do if attacked by one
Shark filmed swimming metres from boat on Pembrokeshire coast
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Sharks are terrifying. Everyone knows that – but not everyone knows the best way to react if attacked by one.

According to an expert, there’s one thing you should never do if you spot one of the deadly creatures, and that’s panic.

While our natural survival instincts tell us otherwise, staying calm makes us far more likely to survive an encounter with a shark.

Marine biologist Ryan Johnson said [via The Daily Star] : “If you encounter a shark while you’re in the water, the worst thing you can do is act like prey.

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“If you act like prey, they are possibly going to treat you like prey. Don’t panic, don’t thrash, don’t try to get away.”

Johnson added: “You should hold your ground and 99.9% of the time you’ll have a wonderful time and then it’ll go on its way.”

See a shark? Whatever you do, don't paniciStock

Global warming could lead to more shark sightings around the UK, and Johnson argued that more people should make themselves shark aware in the years to come.

He added: “It’s important everybody who goes into the water is educated about sharks."

It comes after an Australian family’s fishing trip took a terrifying turn as their boat was circled and attacked by a great white shark in a recent viral clip.

The Tuckfields had been out on a fishing trip when they had a closer encounter than many would like with an estimated 14-foot great white.

Their boat was circled by the shark for over an hour and the animal even gave the boat’s motor engine a few bites.

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