Terrifying footage shows great white shark circle family's boat for an hour

Terrifying footage shows great white shark circle family's boat for an hour
Terrifying footage shows Great White Shark circle family's boat for an hour
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An Australian family’s fishing trip took a terrifying turn as their boat was circled and attacked by a great white shark.

The Tuckfields had been out on a fishing trip when they had a closer encounter than many would like with an estimated 14-foot great white.

Their boat was circled by the shark for over an hour and the animal even gave the boat’s motor engine a few bites.

David Tuckfield, his wife Tanya and his 14-year-old son Shelby were out fishing off the coast of Mandurah to the south of Perth.

Shelby had made a catch when the large predator approached their 24-foot boat and tried to steal it off the line as he was reeling it in.

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In footage of the incident, the shark can be seen breaching the water and bearing its teeth – wife Tanya can be heard screaming in the background. It was also captured trying to bite the boat’s motor and circling just under the water.

Terrifying moment great white shark mauls boat engine in Perth | 9 News

David Tuckfield told 9News: “It’s such a big, majestic creature, you know. We don’t appreciate them until you see them up close, and it is their playground.”

The Perth family said they will be going fishing in those waters again and said the shark sighting was the highlight of their Easter weekend.

Recently, a fisherman on holiday in Flordia accidentally caught a 13-foot long sawfish. In February, a British ex-pat swimmer was killed by a shark in Sydney marking the first shark attack fatality in the area in almost 60 years.

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