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Someone created a beautifully ironic accessory for Apple's wireless headphones - a wire

Picture: Stephen Lam/Getty Images
Picture: Stephen Lam/Getty Images

Apple got rid of a crucial part of every headphone they've ever made for the release of the new iPhone - the wire.

The newest headphones, called AirPods, are wireless, boast a 24 hour battery life and a microphone through which you can access Siri with a double tap, thanks to a custom-built chip.

They can also connect with all your Apple wireless devices.

However, they do mean that your iPhone will not have a headphone jack, essentially reducing your options to Apple-approved wireless devices.

People have pointed that, given how small they are, they might be a little easy to lose.

Enter Spigen, who have designed a groundbreaking product to make sure you never lose the earbuds.

Picture: Amazon/Spigen

Yep, it's a wire.


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