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Someone has come up with awesome alternative UK banknotes featuring the NHS, BBC and women

Two design graduates have drafted hypothetical versions of new UK bank notes, and they're pretty sharp.

The designs, created by Oscar Daws and Matthew Durbin of Brunel University, represent the four nations of the United Kingdom, with one notable person and location of each country featured.

Aneurin Bevan represents Wales on the £5, as well as the NHS (the foundation of which he spearheaded) and Mt Snowdon.

Queen Elizabeth II takes pride of place on the £10 with the white cliffs of Dover and Windsor Castle, while Lord Reith features for Scotland on the £20 alongside the BBC.

Meanwhile the £50 note is embellished with Dame Jocelyn Bell and the Giant’s Causeway, for Northern Ireland.

It’s refreshing to see designs not only celebrating advances in science, politics and culture, but doing so with parity between the genders and the countries.

The designs are also pretty modern, looking as if they'd take well to the forthcoming transition to plastic notes in 2016. One of our favourite details is the silhouette of national flowers in the corner of each note.

In addition, if you join the four together, they form a Union Flag, a neat touch.

All in all, a pretty well-executed job - although we're sure someone somewhere may disagree...

(H/T Gizmodo)

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