Someone has invented an Uber for children

Today in 'there's an app for that' we present Shuddle, also known as the Uber for kids.

The start up, which has launched initially in San Francisco, offers a personal taxi service for children which parents can book up to a week in advance.

Parents are then sent the name and photo of the driver and a password that the driver needs to use when making the pick up. They can also watch in real time as their child moves to their destination.

As for the drivers? Shuddle says they are all screened. "We screen for friendly and reliable caregivers who have experience working with kids like nannies, teachers, babysitters, counsellors and parents."

Nick Allen, Shuddle's founder and CEO, told the Huffington Post, who asked of the app "what could possibly go wrong?", those using the app should think of drivers "as a neighbour who you can count on."

The app has managed to secure $2.6million of funding and parents pay a monthly subscription to use it plus fares for individual journeys.

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