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You can spot a narcissist just from this one facial feature

You can spot a narcissist just from this one facial feature
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Are you a narcissist? If you’ve clicked on an article to check if you are, then you could well be.

Now, new research has pointed to there being a link between a specific facial feature and narcissistic tendencies, and it’s changed the way we’re going to look at everyone from now on.

The Journal of Personality has published new research from the University of Toronto which suggests that people with “distinctive eyebrows” are more likely to be narcissistic.

Do you fall into that category?

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As the research attests, people with narcissistic personalities often score highly on the self-loving spectrum.

While often displaying more selfish behaviour and tend to be more self-centered individuals they also tend to come across as more charming and likeable at first.

How much of a difference do eyebrows make?Creative Commons

Importantly, they also often have a flattering viewing of their own appearance of skills.

And while the research doesn’t go into great depth as to why, people associate them with strong eyebrow game.

The study focused on 40 undergrad students who were all photographed with neutral facial expressions, before taking on the Narcissistic Personality Inventory psychological test.

Their pictures were then shown to people who were asked to guess how narcissistic they were based purely on looks.

They found that eyebrow thickness and density were significant when it came to judging the student’s narcissistic tendencies.

After eyebrows were then swapped onto different faces, it showed that people were rated as seeming more narcissistic when they were shown with non-narcissists’ eyebrows.

Summing up their findings, the study said that it shows "distinctive eyebrows reveal narcissists’ personality to others.”

While it didn’t go further and suggest whether thick eyebrows actually did make people more narcissistic, it claims the link was clear.

The author added: “Individuals reporting high levels of narcissism tend to wear more fashionable, stylish, and expensive clothing; have a neater, more organized appearance; and look more attractive.”

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