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Diamonds, move over. Creepy robot beetles are a modern girl's best friend.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has a new jewellery range, where tech meets high fashion and miniature robots roam over your clothing.

Keep up, immobile jewellery is so 2016.

Last year, MIT scientists discovered they could make robots move over fabric with magnets.

Naturally they decided to use this new power to change the pattern of clothes. The work comes under Project Kino, a name derived from 'kinetic'.


As well as becoming shape-changing jewellery, these little robots can morph between different patterns.


They can etch patterns.

Picture:Picture: (MIT/Cindy Hsin-Liu Kao )

And they can even pull up your hood when it gets chilly.


For those who don't want to look infested with futuristic bugs, these tiny robots could some day become on-body personal assistants that can match the needs of the wearer.

Sounds exciting, even if the development does leave arachnophobes a little on edge.

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