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A security robot killed itself in a fountain and now people are mourning him

@gregpinelo / @brnjohnson

Friends, we're gathered here today to mourn the sad passing of Steve, the security robot.

Steve was a Knightscope security bot, and spent his days patrolling around a number of offices and the Georgetown Waterfront shopping complex in Washington DC.

Knightscope robots are fitted with multiple data inputs; including facial recognition, high definition cameras and infrared sensors.

These were sadly not enough however, as Steve sadly plummeted to his death into a water fountain and went offline earlier this week.

The pictures were dramatic.

Like, really dramatic.

Greg had a pretty valid point.

People had some theories on what drove Steve the robot to enter his own watery tomb.

Steve was so loved by the office community that there is now a small Steve shine to the dearly departed securitron.

To be honest, it's all gone very Douglas Adams.

Hey, let's look on the bright side, at least the robot uprising has been delayed a day or two.

Steve's replacement has now arrived. According to eye witnesses, she's a bit of a looker.

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