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The alarm clock that won't turn off until you get out of bed

The alarm clock that won't turn off until you get out of bed

No matter how determined one is to rise early in the morning and make the most of the day, the reality of unfurling the warm duvet and confronting the cold world outside can sometimes be just too hard.

But that daily routine of hitting "snooze" eight times until it really is unreasonable for a grown adult to still be in bed may finally be over.

The Ramos alarm clock is a "Bluetooth beacon" that is situated in a room other than your bed. At the correct time in the morning an app on your smartphone activates the alarm and the only way to turn it off is to take the phone to within close proximity of the beacon. By the time you've got all the way there, the lure of going back to bed should be over..

I found that a lot of people also have this problem where you're really well intentioned the night before, but then the second the alarm goes off in the morning, it's just so easy for me to forget all the reasons why I should wake up early.

This clock is designed to be really annoying and really forceful if you don't do what it says. But if you do what it says, you'll get out of bed, and you'll be up.

  • Paul Sammut, Ramos alarm clock designer speaking to NPR

The idea behind this is that by forcing you to wake up in a routine you will slowly start to develop a healthier sleep pattern and eventually wake up naturally at that time.

Although the Ramos is not for sale yet Sammut says it will be available for around $99 (£65) and $130 (£85) - a new Kickstarter campaign is expected to start soon.

See how it's made:

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