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The Sims 4 adds inclusive features for disabled and transgender people

The Sims 4 adds inclusive features for disabled and transgender people
The Sims 4 Official Free Base Game Launch Trailer

The Sims 4 has a new free base game update that disabled and transgender gamers are pretty thrilled about.

The added optional features include top surgery scars, binders, shapewear and medical wearables for users to customise their characters.

You can now add these new features to your Sim, and EA has provided details as to how to do this.

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A new medical wearables category has been added which contains a hearing aid and this option comes in 15 different colours for Toddler and older Sims on either ear as well as a glucose monitor for the arms or lower abdomen for child and adult Sims.

Top surgery scars (found in the Body category, under "Body Scars") for transgender male and non-binary Sims.

There is also the introduction gender affirming clothing for transgender and non-binary people such as binders (in Sims' Tops category) for teen and older Sims as well as shapewear for Sims that can be found in the Underwear category for Bottoms.

Gamers have welcomed the last update and praised the inclusivity of the new features.

People also provided further suggestions to make the game more representative.

Since 2016, the game has removed all gender restrictions meaning users can add both masculine and feminine traits in order for transgender and non-binary people to reflect themselves.

Then last year, an update allowed gamers to choose Sims' sexual orientations and pronouns.

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