Could this be the answer to all your 'whoops, I slept through my alarm again' problems?

It could be. It's called Ruggie, and it's yet another strange concept to awaken you when the sun rises and coffee pot warms.

The invention appears, at first, to be a simple mat – yet is actually a clever alarm clock that forces you to get up and out of your snuggly duvet and into the world.

It works by way of a "Snooze Proof Sensor"...

Think you’ll just fall back into bed? Ruggie's alarm needs to sense your pressure for at least 3 seconds before it shuts off! By then, you would have accomplished what millions struggle to do, getting out of bed!

Users can also connect the device to their computer to upload tunes. We suggest Under Pressure, by Queen. It just seems fitting.

Ruggie seems a touch more serious than the recent 'slapping hand' alarm clock. And a little more refined than the devices which pump out odours of bacon, or fresh croissants and hot toast (though they do sound appealing).

Although it's not cheap – it'll retail at just under $600, according to founder Winson Tam.

Right now, Tam's looking for backing on crowdfunding site Kickstarter. He's already secured more than the $50,000 he was after.

"Too many times I've over-snoozed," Tam told the Huffington Post.

I know how it feels, it sucks. There is so much resistance in the morning, the warm comfy bed, the cold floors, that awesome dream we just had.

I created Ruggie to help myself and others get out of bed easier and be more productive.

The alarm rug is due out in September 2016.

Here it is:

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