This is how much sex you'll have in the rest of your life, apparently

Pity the poor souls who don't need any computer-wizadry to work out how much of the rest of their lives they'll spend having sex.

For everyone else, Reebok has developed a nifty tool which can help us all work out how many of the rest of our days will be spent in the bedroom.

The sports giant claims the average human has 25,915 days left to live. Of those:

  • 180 of them will be spent exercising

  • 10,625 of them will be spent looking at electronic devices

  • 7,709 of them will be spent sitting down

  • And 1,765 of them will be spend socialising.

Finally, 117 of them will be spent having sex - or 0.45 per cent of our lives.

For those looking for a more exact number, take a visit to to see precisely long you have left and find 0.45 per cent of that.

H/T Metro

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