A Seattle-based lawyer knew something was up when he kept getting suggestive selfies, offers of backstage passes and texts from luxury car dealerships when he got a new Washington state phone number in 2012.

Jonathon Nicols had just started a graduate law degree at the University of Seattle, and thought a local phone number would help his job search. He randomly picked a number from a list the new carrier gave him he thought would be quite easy to remember.

He only twigged he was being mistaken for the Seattle born-and-raised Sir Mix-A-Lot when picture messages of women blowing kisses and bottles of champagne rolled in for Anthony Ray (Sir Mix's real name) on the rapper's birthday - including one telltale reference to his most famous song, 1992's 'Baby Got Back'.

According to the Seattle Times, Nicols has been sharing some of the best ones on his Facebook page, and his friends want him to start a blog:

Hi Ray (Minista) pls info if u attending freestyle explosion and locale details. Thanks in advance.

When Nicols didn't answer: "O.K. silence got it brush."

What up bro this is SupaSam. I’m having a morning show in-studio Christmas party. I need you to come through!

The paper got in touch with the hiphop icon recently to let him know Nicols has become his unwitting answering machine.

Are you serious? That is hilarious. Poor fella. Tell him don’t check any text messages in front of your wife.

In the meantime Mix has asked if Nicols could forward any messages he thought were important.

Tell him any really sexy pictures — little in the middle, and if she’s got much back — give them the new number.

But not the car dealerships.

HT: Seattle Times

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