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The Apple Pencil is a 'yucky' stylus that Steve Jobs said nobody wanted

Who wants a stylus? Nobody, according to Steve Jobs circa 2007.

What have Apple just introduced? A stylus, sorry, Pencil.

Speaking at one of those shiny Apple talks just eight years ago, the tech company's late co-founder, actually used the word "yuck" to describe a stylus.

You have to get them and put them away and you lose them. Yuck. Nobody wants a stylus, so let's not use a stylus.

Unsurprisingly, his comments were met with rambunctious applause and roaring laughter from the audience.

And perhaps even more unsurprisingly, Apple now offers a stylus which will be sold separately from the new iPad for a bargain bucket price of $99 (approximately £64).

This photo was taken on an iPhone 6

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