Alexa Mitchell is a beauty vlogger, so she knows the power of make-up.

The 22-year-old from New Mexico was curious about how much make up affected guys' decisions to swipe right for matches on Tinder - so she thought of an experiment to find out first hand.

First, she uploaded three no make-up selfies to Tinder:

And swiped right to indicate she was interested in the first 100 men who popped up.

After a few hours, Alexa had 16 matches.

Second time around though Alexa used an app called Relook to retouch the pictures, smoothing out her skin for blemishes and wrinkles and brightening the whites of her eyes and her teeth.

After swiping right on 100 men again, five hours later, Alexa had 73 matches - about four times as many as when she posted natural pictures.

While she didn't edit the pictures by much, just a few simple changes made a huge difference to Alexa's hit rate - so next time a guy is complaining about how women don't look like their pictures IRL, here's a reason why they do it.

Check out Alexa's video of the social experiment here:

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