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Toilet invented that is so slippy nothing can leave skid marks

Toilet invented that is so slippy nothing can leave skid marks
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A 3-D-printed toilet has been invented and the surface is so slippery that nothing can leave a mark on it.

Cleaning the toilet has to be one of the grimmest household chores, but thanks to new material, you may never have to scrub a loo again.

The toilet is the invention of Yike Li at Huazhong University of Science and Technology in Wuhan, China, who, alongside colleagues, invented a toilet whose surface is so slippery that nothing stains it and uses less water for each flush.

The team created a prototype of the toilet around 10 times smaller than a real one. It was made using 3D printing technology, where particles of plastic and hydrophobic sand grains were fused together with lasers.

The surface of the toilet was lubricated with a type of silicon oil that also penetrated the surface due to the complex structure of the material.

The team tested the toilet with a variety of substances, including honey, yoghurt, muddy water as well as synthetic faeces. They found that none of the substances stuck to the toilet bowl.

Amazingly, the toilet was just as slippery after having been rubbed with sandpaper over 1,000 times, which Li believes is due to the oil being able to penetrate the material of the toilet.

Li believes the technology would be suited for settings in which a toilet gets a lot of use, such as on modes of transport and in public toilets.

He explained: “The reduced flushing volume would result in less wasted water during transportation to the processing facilities, thereby saving transportation costs.”

But, before that can happen, Li says the technology needs to be adapted for use on a full-sized toilet and also needs to be cheaper to make.

You can see the toilet in action below courtesy of New Scientist.

Nothing can stick to this 3D-printed slippery

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