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Twitch streamer is 'swatted' during cooking stream but still finishes tacos

Twitch streamer is 'swatted' during cooking stream but still finishes tacos
Twitch streamer's kitchen goes up in flames during live-stream

A Twitch streamer’s cooking show quickly turned into a kitchen nightmare as armed police entered his house while he was live on air.

On 21st June Twitch streamer Heyitsmesalty was preparing freshly made tacos on his channel before being “Swatted” in front of his viewers, as originally reported by Dexerto.

Swatting is a dangerous tactic used online, where people acting in bad faith make calls to the emergency services in order to lure an armed response unit to the victim’s address.

But where a lot of streamers might decide to call it a day after a potentially life-threatening situation, Heyitsmesalty decided to finish what he started and continued to make tacos for his viewers after the incident.

Users clipped the stream to capture the moment when armed officers can be seen walking through the streamer’s kitchen.

It’s sadly all too common on Twitch and even the streamer has had issues with swatting attempts in the past as he addressed his viewers after the armed responders left.

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“I got swatted back in 2015 when I lived in Virginia, it was a little while ago.…happened live on stream. ”

Responding to a question from a viewer, asking if the officers at least apologised after they entered his home, Heyitsmesalty was surprisingly polite about the ordeal.

“Oh they were all really nice, I told them they could come back for tacos in like, an hour and a half.”

“Normally I would probably take the rest of the stream off because I think I might have peed myself just a little bit…but I am really hungry now.”

Heyitsmesalty later posted a picture of his homemade tacos with roasted cauliflower, chickpeas and sweet potatoes on homemade tortillas and topped with fire-roasted salsa.

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