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Twitter is making one little change and now everyone is freaking out

Taylor Swift reacts to Twitter's algorithm change
Taylor Swift reacts to Twitter's algorithm change

Twitter made one change and everyone is freaking out because this is the internet and what else do you expect?

In the age of enlightenment, you'd have thought people would be able to keep their s--t together a littler better than those over at who, you guessed it, just can't cope with a small algorithm change.

The TL;DR is, Twitter has changed the way users will see their timelines. Instead of the current feed, which operates in real time, the social network will throw up tweets based on what it reckons users want to see.

For example, if you're a fan of animal gifs get ready to see a whole lot more.

Essentially, it's about to become a lot more like Facebook... to the dismay of everyone calling the move the death of Twitter.

Cue #RIPTwitter

Some people are floating the idea of returning to MySpace, because everyone really hates change.

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