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This viral Twitter thread perfectly explains how scary a cab ride can be for a woman when travelling alone

This viral Twitter thread perfectly explains how scary a cab ride can be for a woman when travelling alone
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The rise in popularity of transport apps like Uber and Lyft have allowed users to access a quick and affordable way of getting around big cities.

However, the dark side to this is the uncertainty surrounding the drivers of these vehicles and whether they may have any hidden agendas.

This is, unfortunately, something that many women have to deal with when they opt to use one of these services and especially if a man is behind the wheel.

A viral Twitter thread from user @kellybarnhill, which was posted on Thursday, explained how she had to endure a scary ride via Lyft from earlier in the week.

She explained that on Sunday she caught a ride from Houston airport to her hotel at around 7.34 in the evening.

It soon became apparent to her that the driver wasn't following the route that was recommended to him and she soon found herself out of town.

Things soon became very creepy and unsettling when the driver began to compliment her eyes, and time began to drag on longer than what the ride should have taken.

Thankfully, Kelly knew how to keep the situation from getting out of control and tried to create small talk and pretend to hold conversations with her husband over the phone.

Thankfully, they soon arrived at the hotel and, although her nerves had been shot to pieces, she was physically unscathed.

However, she soon realised that the fare, which should have been $30 was now $94 and that she had been in the car for 90 minutes

She concluded that the driver either was acting with predatory instincts or had was trying to scam her for an extra $60.

According to Kelly, Lyft has since refunded the difference but have failed to show any sign of taking serious action against the driver.

The thread has since been shared more than 8,000 times on Twitter in 24 hours and many have complimented her bravery with others also sharing their own experiences.

Speaking to Indy100 a Lyft spokesperson said:

The safety of our community is Lyft's top priority. The behaviour described is troubling and unacceptable.

Upon becoming aware of the allegations we initiated an investigation, deactivated the driver, and reached out to the passenger to express our support.

We stand ready to assist law enforcement with any investigations into this incident

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